What I do

Digital sculpting 3D

Digital sculpting is 3D design work
You can model or sculpt anyone or anything from a photograph.

Its about bringing the likeness and character to the product
We all have heroes in life, it can be sport, politics or drama. Its about making an emotive connection with the design. I see my products as a great conversation starter, which is why pubs and restaurants inspired me to do this collection, people and places.


A designer with alot of experience

I studied traditional Art and design followed by media and film studies. In my early career I worked in Bronze casting, Theatre and Multimedia design.

Recent Work
I currently specialize in portraiture that is transformed into simple unique products. Small and affordable Art is how I best describe it. I use different craft techniques in the making process woodwork, metalwork, molding and casting.

Special Skills

The power of 3D printing

Digital sculpting
First I digitally sculpt the face in one working day, then over the week I add the details to make ready for 3D printing.

Old and New
Portraits can be cast in stone, resin and metal. The heads can be crafted into different products, all are hand made and signed by me the Artist, these products are exclusive to roccocoframe.com. I also do client specific projects.

..Latest Projects, hand painted