Your company logo or font can be incorporated into each project. I work from photographs so any person historical or living can be reproduced. It can be a one off commission or a block of copies produced.

3D Printing

Old vs New Technique. I have previous experience of working in traditional Art materials, sketching followed by clay modeling and finally foundry metal casting. The main reason I have switched to 3D Printing is the time factor from concept to tangible object. Its days instead of weeks to reach the final goal. The computer is now my sketch book, the 3D Printer my modelling block. This is referred to as organic modeling. I can also model products like the iphone rococoframe, this is referred to as technical modeling.

Our imagination

Imagined images, both novel and recalled, are seen with the "mind's eye". You know the old saying that the eyes are the window to the soul, we all have our favourite hero, local or international, the world has become a global village, so theres no limit to the design.


Terms & Conditions

I'm an individual Artist so this means I work on a per commission basis. The products you see on this website will be available for sale soon. In the meantime you can drop me a email about prices and time-scale. If you are a company I can also be employed for the duration of the project. It's not feasible for me to have many clients at the same time.